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Anything is Possible – Part 1

All these events are a great idea at the time, as you scroll through the internet having had a G & T with your MasterCard in your hand.  And there we have it.  Entry complete!

Christmas time appears to be a great time to convince friends to join you on these what can only be described as “Mad, Arduous events, that if you were in full control of your faculties- you would not enter without a bit more thought and possibly more time to train (or in one case, state you will have to learn how to swim AFTER you agreed to do it – you know who you are)”

It is an immense feeling when you accomplish an event where you believe there is a possibility that you might not complete it.

The Starman Night Triathlon (, August 19th 2017, I walked along Loch Morlich Beach to register for the event where I picked up my number and tracker.  At this point I still wasn’t grasping the magnitude of what lay ahead of me at midnight that night.  I spoke with my friend Pete who was a volunteer, about the course.   He told me to drive up to transition two (Cairngorm Ski centre Car Park) and have a look.

It finally hit me then, Ive bitten off more than I can chew!


From transition two I looked down and could see the loch I was going to swim 1.2 miles in and in the distance the some 56 miles of the bike circuit.  As I looked up I could see the two mountains (Cairngorm with the cloud cover) and the 13.1miles I was going to have to scale.

It was the toughest event I have done to date.  I suffered terrible motion sickness on the bike and had to keep getting off, putting my head on my handlebars and wait for the nausea to pass.  Moral of the story – buy flood lights for a night time race.

As I crossed the finish line, it was then, the feeling of invincibility started.  The high you get is incredible and the belief that anything was possible is vividly in your mind. Now I could raise the bar with my adventure events.  As a mum of two wee boys and the business to contend with, it can still all be achieved.

The next chapter has begun and I have enrolled a triathlon coach. The story continues……….